About Me

I have learnt alot from great nz potters who have passed onto me with generosity lots of their knowledge and enthusiam for clay. And also their enthusiam for a good cup of tea.  To this day I can not start working in my studio until I have a cuppa with me.

I work from my own studio in Auckland New Zealand. Once I started working with clay, I realised straight away that it appealed not only to my fascination with materials and process, but also to my sense of independence as a designer. It’s the only medium I have worked with that I can use to make a product by doing each step in the process myself – from design to finish. It’s also very addicted to work with , The endless possibilities clay offers to explore notions of surface, scale and volume are what appeals to my aesthetic.

My work is clean, refined, delicate and minimal. I aim for my work to tread the fine line between simple, timeless design, and unique pieces that have character and presence. The focus is on honest materiality and processes. I create delicate vessels which combine soft colours mixed with black and white pigment markings .



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